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Leading the Way to a New Generation of Corrosion Protection

Ormecon Private Limited

Ormecon Pvt Ltd is an innovation driven enterprise. It is devoted to manufacturing and marketing of a truely suitable electrically conductive polymer for industrial applications such as anticorrosive additives for paints, EMI shielding, Antistatic, RADAR absorbing material, electroluminescence, solid electrolyte capacitors etc.

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Dr. Bernhard Wessling

About Ormecon

Ormecon Private Limited is established under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Bernhard Wessling, the German scientist who had shown the world how to process conductive polymers (by dispersion) and about the corrosion resistant property of conductive polymers. He successfully took it to the market.

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Conductive Polymer Dispersion

Conducting Polymers, such as Polyaniline, have stimulated the interest of material scientists around the world for their potential game-changing industrial and commercial applications.

For understanding the structure, see above graph and this link. Conducting Polymers are completely insoluble in water and organic solvents because of the extremely high charge density link with the polymeric chain. Also, they are extremely hard to disperse due to their extraordinary high surface tension, by far the highest of all known organic materials, also much higher than water.

Hence, it was important to develop techniques by which they can be processed for various industrial and commercial applications. This involves ensuring adequate dispersion of the conducting polymer for the use in various media.


Corrosion Protection

This is an extremely powerful corrosion protection principle. It was invented by Ormecon (Germany)

EMI Shielding

Using our highly conductive masterbatch, products can be developed for medium requirements in EMI shielding.

Permanent Antistatic..

Using our highly conductive masterbatch, products can be developed for various antistatic applications.


With our highly conductive masterbatch, products can be developed for this very flexible and easy display

Solid Electrolyte..

Using specially prepared dispersed polyaniline, an extremely high-performing solid state capacitor had been..